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This is perfect for parents who have previously taken a Hypnobirthing course and would like to run through the content again before the birth of their next baby.

The refresher covers the fundamentals of the course and reminds parents about the importance of relaxations. It takes just over 2 hours to go through the essential information and ensure it is fresh in your mind.

These sessions are taught privately from your home so that you don’t have to worry about childcare, we suggest booking them on a weekday evening possibly between 7:30-9:45pm when once your little ones are asleep, allowing you to fully relax and absorb the course content.

It doesn’t matter which method of Hypnobirthing you did previously, the principles are the same and we will work through your previous birth story and learning to ensure you feel confident and positive about your next birth.

Course fee: £55 per couple, if further sessions are required these are charged at £45

Courses held in Tring or around borders of Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Bedfordshire

Course Booking

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