Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy

The fact that you are reading this, already means that you have started to think about your baby’s birth and consider a fresh approach.

Pregnancy, birth and parenthood is an amazing journey and one in which you have to make some pretty big decisions along the way. These can shape that little being growing inside of you, as well as your own experience. At Brighter Birthing we believe that with the right knowledge, understanding and some simple tools, you can achieve the best birth possible, for you.


What is Hypnobirthing?

Quite simply, Hypnobirthing is using mind over matter before and during birth to encourage a calm and easier labour. It gives parents the tools to achieve the best birth possible for them, however that may be.

Birth is as instinctive as breathing, but if anxiety and fear are present, our natural instinct is switched off and stress takes over.

"Hypnobirthing can, and frequently does, provide a way for mother and baby to have a calm, drug free, gentle and more comfortable birth."

KG Hypnobirthing


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We offer 5 different kinds of course, from private 1-2-1 to 1 hour relaxations.

Mums the Word

Mums the Word

Read about the arrival of some of our Brighter Babies from their Hypnobirthing parents.

Before Leanne's course all I could think about was the pain of birth. She taught us simple ways to support each other and we learnt how to work with my body and to understand our options. Emily's birth was fantastic and she is such a calm baby. We couldn't recommend this course more.

Claire, Wendover

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